Made to Measure Curtains and Blinds

Once you haves an idea of your chosen fabric, lining and heading  you will need to contact us in order to get a quote on the full cost of the fabrics and making up of your order.  This is best done through email at or You can also phone us  and we can then email you with an accurate quote after taking full details from you.

Our advertised curtains listed give you an idea of price and come in a set size.  This is fine for many customers and if this is the size you want please go ahead and order from the website.  However many customers will have larger or smaller windows and doors.  In this instance you will need to give us accurate measurements for us to be able to make the right size curtains or roman blind for you.  Measuring for curtains, however, is a straightforward process and we have provided you with our guide below:-

Measuring for Curtains

If you don't already have a track or pole above your window or door measure the full width of the window or door and add on approximately 30-40cm for the extra pole/track width.  If you do already have a track or pole up simply measure the width including any side returns when the rail bends back towards the wall.

For the length if you currently have no pole or track fitted measure from the top of the window and door to where you want the curtains to fall to and add 12cm above to allow for the fitting of the pole.  If you want the curtains to finish just above the floor measure to the floor and deduct 1.5cm.  If you want the curtains to finish just above the sill deduct 1.25cm from your full measurement.  In general sill length curtains look more informal than floor length curtains.  If you would like the curtains to finish below the sill allow at least 20cm from your measurement to the sill.  If you already have a track or pole in place and want floor length curtains the easiest way is to measure from the track to the sill and then from the sill to the floor and add the two together.

Measuring for Blinds

If you are going to be having your  blind in the window recess you will need to be very accurate with your measurements and the best way to do this is to use a steel measuring tape and take 3 measurements for the width and length at different levels on the window and use the smallest of the three for your final width and length.  You will then need to deduct 5mm from the width of the blind to allow for the fitting.

If you are having the blind on the exterior of the window again measure in three places for both the width and the length, but this time use the largest of these three measurements  to provide the width and length of your blind.  Also allow an approximate overlap of at least 8cm on the width and length  of your blind.  Blinds fitted to the exterior of the window will provide better light control and act as insulation to the window.

For our customers' peace of mind all our corded and chain blind fittings comply with the revised BS EN 13120-2009+A1:2014.  Internal blinds - performance requirements including safety.  BS EN 16433.  Internal blinds - protection from strangulation hazards - test methods.  BS  EN 16434.  Internal blinds - protection from strangulation hazards - requirements and test methods for safety devices.


When you have contacted us with your measurements and choice of fabric, lining and heading we will be able to give you a definite cost quotation for your chosen curtains/blinds including blind fittings.


Once you are happy with the quote we will set up a made to measure order for you through our website and send you a link to this via email so that you can check that everything you need is on the order as well as all measurements are accurate.  You can then make payment by credit/debit card or paypal.


All orders of curtains and blinds are dispatched within 21-28 working days of the order being placed by next working day courier ups.  All made to measure throws and cushions within 14 working days.  You will receive an automated email the day the curtains/blind are dispatched.  When ordering please provide a contact telephone number which we can pass on to the courier for delivery purposes.

If you live in the Highlands and Islands of the UK we will use a 2-5 day courier service.

Outside of the UK we also use ups couriers and for the US and Europe it is generally 2-3 days from dispatch to receipt, Australia, New Zealand and the rest of the world up a week.